unprovoked是什么意思 | 2019-10-14 18:39:59
英音 [ˌʌnprəˈvəʊkt]


Is this unprovoked attack part of some new trend ?




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形容词 (尤指暴力言行)未受招惹而自发的,无缘无故的

1. 无缘无故的,非因触犯而发生的:11.overage destroyer 旧式驱逐舰 | 12. unprovoked 无缘无故的,非因触犯而发生的 | 13.Neutrality Acts 中立法令 2. 好么牙儿的=无缘无故的:花岔(岔花)=偶尔= not always | 好么牙儿的=无缘无故的= unprovoked | 崽儿了=怎么了=what's up, what's wrong 911查询·英语单词 3. 无谓的:unprovided 无供给的 | unprovoked 无谓的 | unpunished 未受惩罚的 4. 无缘无故的:transition period 过渡期 | unprovoked 无缘无故的 | aftermath 灾难后果

(攻击)非因触犯而发生的,无缘无故的 If someone makes an unprovoked attack, they attack someone who has not tried to harm them in any way.


This malicious and unprovoked attack astounded him . 这个恶意的无端攻击使他吃惊。

They said the attack had been unprovoked 他们说那次攻击是无缘无故的。

The boys ' attack on the old woman was quite unprovoked 那帮男孩对老妇人的袭击完全是无来由的。

Why is it unprovoked 谁说是无缘无故!

Because of this unprovoked dastardly attack by japan , i ask that the congress declare a state of war 因为日本发动了这一卑鄙的、挑衅式的袭击,我要求国会宣布全国进入战争状态。

For this practice parameter the authors reviewed available evidence relevant to evaluating adults presenting with an apparent unprovoked first seizure 为了这份临床参考,作者回顾了关于评估明确的成人首次无诱因抽搐的证据。

Behaviour / temperament : a biddable dog of even disposition . bold , faithful and trustworthy , with no suggestion of nervousness or unprovoked aggression 气质:即使是在处罚时也表现顺从的狗;憨厚、可靠、值得信任,不表现出无谓的神经质或者攻击性。

Nor did his temper ? he once , unprovoked , berated a harmless ferret - owner , accusing him of being “ deranged ” simply because he owned ferrets 不是因为他的脾气他曾经无缘无故的严厉指责了一个无辜的侦探社业主,因为他拥有一些侦探而被指责为完全“疯狂” 。

Bitterness , unprovoked malignity , gratuitous desire of ill , ridicule of whatever was good and holy , all awoke , to tempt , even while they frightened him 轻蔑狠毒无缘无故的恶言秽行和歹意对善良和神圣的事物妄加嘲弄,这一切全都绘唤醒起来,虽说把他吓得要命,却仍在诱惑着他。

I ask that the congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by japan on sunday december7 , 1941 , a state of war has existed between the united states and the japanese empire 我要求国会宣布:由于日本在1941年12月7日星期日对我国无故进行卑鄙的袭击,美国同日本已经处于战争状态。


Human exposure through biting incidents, especially unprovoked attacks, should be treated immediately with rabies post-exposure treatment and the bat, where possible, retained for laboratory analysis.

This interpretation is rendered less persuasive by the fact that cross-sectional studies of impulsive aggression to date have measured subjects in an unprovoked

This she attempted to do by producing two female witnesses to an act of extreme violence, which, because no context is described, appears to be both unprovoked and irrational.

Hesdorffer et al.22 reported a sixfold increased risk of unprovoked seizures.

It is a totally unprovoked curb on free speech.

It was a completely unprovoked attack and the child and school staff had no way of knowing that the animal would enter the school.

It was an unprovoked attack, which we must condemn.

We read of " unprovoked attack and aggression"and"flagrant breaches of treaty," and then all the necessary machinery will come into operation when these incidents occur.

Can we in these humiliating circumstances afford to acquiesce in deliberate, unprovoked and, from every point of view, unjustifiable attacks on peaceful merchant shipping?

They were subjected to an unprovoked and brutal attack by a tyrant but did not strike back.

The indiscriminate and unprovoked use of military force has caused the death or injury of thousands of students and other innocent civilians.

It is not a question of its being unprovoked

It would enhance the dangers that similar, unprovoked aggressions could occur in other parts of the world.

This act of aggression— unprovoked , illegal and unforgivable—must be reversed.

There is no evidence in his report that an act of unprovoked aggression would have been prevented had we acted differently at the time.